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He is also a madman when it comes to Shirahoshi, as he is willing to go to extreme measures such as throwing Noah just to kill one person.

However, unlike many fishmen and despite joining forces with the New Fishmen Pirates, Decken himself never showed any sympathy for or against the centuries of prejudice against humanity.

King Neptune is angered at Decken for threatening Shirahoshi, whom he considers to be his treasure. After getting rejected by Shirahoshi, Decken tried to kill her several times.

Unfortunately for him, Luffy blocked every weapon that Decken threw at the Mermaid Princess.

He has been described as a bandit of the sea floor, and the residents of Fishman Island feared him for years.

Typical of a pirate, he believes violence is the answer for everything, which is most evident by how he displays his affection for Shirahoshi by throwing large weapons at her.

After Shirahoshi rejected him, he is willing to see Fishman Island destroyed as revenge which clashes with Hody's goal of becoming King.

He has a desire for treasure as he does not approve of his giant angler fish, Ankoro, eating ships before he can collect the ships' treasure.

He tends to overreact to certain situations that surprise him, such as reacting shocked and depressed when Shirahoshi turned him down for "not being her type" and decided to cry endlessly, recite a haiku, and shave the top of his head in depression.

He is very formal, as shown when he introduced himself to Hody Jones.

He often adds "I think" He seems to be somewhat of a poet, reciting a haiku after Shirahoshi rejected him.

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Decken is a tall individual with beige-colored skin (mid-dark brown in manga), slim build, and lanky limbs. He has a short, scraggly goatee, a long, wavy mustache with spiky edges, and similarly, long, wavy and spiky black hair.