Sex dating in ludowici georgia

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One of the best lairs and most convincing lairs that you will ever come across in your lifetime.He manipulates you into thinking that you are crazy or have no reason to question or doubt anything that he does.He is a very smooth talker, using his Psychology degree to help in his manipulations. After 22 years of marriage and raising a child, this woman that doesn’t even have custody of her minor children, came in between my husband and I during a vulnerable time in our lives. Lewis has been known to wreck many homes, and mine was just her latest victim. I just hope she has not gotten him so strung out that he can’t come back from the edge of insanity, for his child’s sake.Teresa Lane Carson knew my husband was married with children and continued to pursue an inappropriate texting relationship with him.She even lent him thousands of dollars that he never re-paid. That affair lasted three years until she was replaced with his current girlfriend.Kris was very offended, hurt and thrown back to see it happen to her , not thinking anything of it when she had done it.Many were flings he found from hockey while others were obtained from his work place.

You can catch him in a lie or in an act and he will somehow turn it around and make it your fault. He makes no effort at solid or long term commitments.Loves to act innocent and all christian but also enjoys making video calls to expose her private parts.I have over 900 hours of calls and over 3,000 texts including photos to my husband.Patrick will lie, manipulate and use anyone that he can to get what he wants, always turning anything around so that he looks like the hero or the victim. Do not trust him, he doesn’t know how to tell the truth about anything.Patrick has cheated in every relationship that he has ever had including his current one.

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Using his children that he deserted to make himself look good in his personal and business life.

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