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A lifelong Christian, it was not the answer he had sought for his son's behaviour. Was he describing the Japanese symbol of the rising sun, painted on their warplanes, called 'meatballs' by American pilots? ' 'A Corsair,' replied the two-year-old without hesitation - repeating the word he shouted in his dreams. 'Do you remember where your airplane took off from? A naturally sceptical man, he was amazed to find the Natoma Bay was a World War II aircraft carrier. Bruce was mystified - what was coming out of the mouth of his two-year- old? Bruce decided that he had to find Jack Larsen to prove his point to his wife - Larsen would tell him that James had invented the whole thing, and there was no such thing as reincarnation.But he came to believe James was the reincarnation of a World War II fighter pilot; a man who had been shot down in his plane and struggled to escape as it caught fire; a hero. 'There's a bomb on the bottom.' 'That's not a bomb, Mummy,' he replied. Tentatively, Andrea began to suggest reincarnation; perhaps James had lived a past life? James even began to don an imaginary pilot's headset when his mother strapped him into his car seat. Next, the little boy named his nightmare alter-ego's best friend. He decided to go to a reunion of veterans of Natoma Bay, pretending he was writing a book.She told them: 'Mom and Dad never talked about Jimmy's death, but Dad went to several reunions to see if he could get any details.He never could.' And so they were able to tell her where her brother died.But the old man died in 1973, never learning any specifics of his son's death.Next, little James unnerved his father by telling him: 'I knew you would be a good daddy, that's why I picked you.' 'Where did you find us? 'In Hawaii, at the pink hotel, on the beach,' he replied.

The veterans' association reported that James Huston's father had even attended their reunions.The picture of the bay is beautiful and so peaceful.A lovely resting place.' In return, she sent Bruce and Andrea a picture of James with his squadron - a cluster of smiling young men. Airplane crash.' In the dark, a two-year-old boy was just visible, writhing on his bed in the grip of horror.But then I heard what James was saying.' Over and over again, the tiny child screamed: 'Plane on fire!

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After so many years, they were even able to send her a picture of the harbour.

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