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Needless to say she only ever had EXES because of this trait. Over the years I’ve heard so many girls say, “he isn’t calling me because of this and that”. Having two younger sisters I’ve always told them, “.” Don’t be a stage 5 clinger— this is a huge turn off for men.

“He said he’s really busy right now & doesn’t have time but when his time frees up, he’ll call me back.” Cold hard fact here. Where women like to be pursued, we ( men ) like to be ignored.

Nothing’s worse than going on a date with a girl who has to tell us about her previous relationship. Ask him questions, ask him about his life, get interested in his job or career.

Talk about something interesting in your life: what makes you unique? Lauryn had a friend a while back that would NOT stop talking about her exes.

My hints to the "fairer sex": (1) Don't overdo your makeup and hair in your photos.

While some makeup can enhance a lady's look, we aren't seeking someone who looks ready to go trick-or-treating or perform as a clown in the circus.

NOW HOLD ON TO YOUR HORSES…really though, he’s NOT holding back: Warning this is a long post. This new series is going to be a fun project for me.

" Intelligent men will realize that you are not as concerned with finding a quality guy as you are with looking for a fat wallet.

I thought something was wrong with me until I recently read ”. I grew up with two sisters & now that I’m going to be marrying Lauryn, I have 2 more sisters ( hers ) to look after. Single ladies, what have your experiences been like?

Now that we know this is a scientific psychological effect on men, what is the simple answer? Make it a challenge, go on a few dates, develop a relationship, & a friendship ( that’s what Lauryn did, for the record ).

Single babes need some love during the month of love, right?

Anyway, stay tuned for much more because we’ll be posting some fun shit in the HIM SERIES.

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If they tell you differently it’s probably to make you feel good or to keep their ass(es) out of the hot seat.

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