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In addition to large reserve forest area surrounding the experimental locations, it was sufficiently remote from populous areas for any fear of disease spreading from its experimental herds to the neighbouring cattle herds.In addition, hill cattle of Kumaon and Garhwal, a breed known till today for its high susceptibility to rinderpest were available in abundance.Mukteswar is situated at a height of 7,620 feet on the peak at junction of Gagar and Lohaghat ranges of the Kumaon hills, an area of exquisite natural scenic beauty, with its thick pine and oak forests, fast running springs and rivulets, rich fauna and flora, simple and hospitable people with rich cultural heritage. Holmes expanded the dimension of research paving the way for the commercial manufacture of sera, to be carried out in the sub-station on the plains with the advantage of cheaper costs and more readily available transport to the field.Overlooking the Institute Campus and adoring the highest point is the historic temple of Lord Shiva known as "Mahadeo" and from which the name of Mukteswar is derived for this place. Accordingly, a sub-station was established at Izatnagar in 1913 for large scale manufacture of sera and vaccines, and also for undertaking investigations which could best be conducted in the plains.After independence, the library at Izatnagar expanded rapidly.

The salubrious climate, unpolluted natural environment and cold climate of Mukteswar was found to be congenial for the preservation of vaccines and sera and suitable for work on infectious microorganisms.The laboratory alongwith the library was shifted to Mukteswar in 1893.By 1913, there were more than 3500 volumes of books and periodicals at IVRI Library, Mukteshwar.The present library building has around 3210 sq mts. Area of reading room is about 826 sq mts & carpet area of stack room is 1840 sq mts. The library has been using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme for classification of the publications.

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Hallen, who was appointed as the Chairman of the Indian Cattle Plague Commission to focus attention on livestock conservation since the animal diseases were rampant and breeding operations were generally unsuccessful.