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after we had eaten we all settled down in the lounge..was sat on a two seater sofa with a kid of blanket/throw coverig us, and during the course of the night i almost constantly had my fingers pressed real deeply up inside her soaking wet pussy!!my lady had to control her moans and groans very discreetly.I was stood with my arm around my girlfriend at the time. I was at a very busy bar almost at the front of the bar que, when I felt someone feeling my backside.On the other side of me was a girl with whom I'd been lusting after for a while, and the feeling was very definitely mutual. I glanced to the side and i could see two girls giggling, They both ran there hands up and down my legs, one girl slipped her hand around to rub me through my jeans, i was instantly hard.I ended up with my right hand hidden under her coat, and I fingered her arsehole whilst we all stood watching the band. I reached back and one of the girls guided my hand onto her pussy!Her skirt was hoisted up and my fingers were instantly on her bare pussy!needless to say when i got her home..fingers were not the only thigs that ended up deep inside her!!the naughty excitement of our family night was amazing..was repeated many times At a gig years ago.

I fingered a woman at a rock concert in the crowd with 5 thousand people therei was seeing a lady few years back and we was around at her parents house for tea ine evening.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.while chatting a girl backed up to me and started rubbing my cock through my trousers then just walked off without a word or a glance. they were in double bed so they made us sleep on sofa but at opposite ends. i moved closer so i could slip fingers in fanny she was so wet she moaned out loud her mum asked if she was ok lol.Used to work an airport and being in a predominantly female environment worked out pretty well for me.

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Is it not tonguing with a tongue or fingering with a finger lol.

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