Amino acid racemization dating of fossil bones

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Amino acid racemization dating of fossil bones

Recent finds of Mary Schweitzer are also relevant for the dating of ancient bones.

Mary Schweitzer, a professor at North Carolina State University (North Carolina), has found soft tissue and protein in dinosaur bones.

Extraordinary efforts were made to eliminate all contamination from the measuring apparatus.

Here are some specific results along this line; many more could be cited.

These were taken from a conference in 2012Fossils, coal, oil, natural gas, limestone, marble, and graphite from every Flood-related rock layer—and even some pre-Flood deposits—have all contained measurable quantities of radiocarbon.

In three half-lives the C14 concentration decreases by a factor of 8.

Twenty thousand years is 3.49 half-lives of C14 because 3.49 times 5730 is 20,000.

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By measuring the C14/C12 ratio, one can get an estimate of the age for the date of a once living object or a fossil, assuming that the production of C14 and its decay rate have been constant in the past.

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