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American legion dating service

On July 3 the coalition fought its way into the Old City, breaking through a perimeter of ISIS defences in a major advance.

Raqqa, declared by ISIS as the capital of its so-called Caliphate, marks the terror group's final stronghold in the Middle East following the fall of Mosul this week.

Western-backed coalition forces have been fighting alongside Kurdish militias to retake Raqqa since November last year.

Having captured the surrounding villages, the coalition announced it was attacking Raqqa itself on June 6, completely cutting it off from the outside world just over two weeks later.

Luke Rutter, 24, from Birkenhead, was killed last Thursday fighting in Raqqa alongside political activist Robert Grodt, 28, from Santa Cruz, California, and 29-year-old Nicholas Warden, who claimed to be from Buffalo, New York, but was listed as coming from Fort Steward, Georgia.The YPG said on its Facebook page that he had come to help defeat Daesh – the Arabic for Islamic State, adding: ‘Comrade Soro travelled to Rojava in March and joined the YPG to fight the fascist and reactionary Daesh gangs in Raqqa.‘He was martyred on 5 July after battling bravely in the terrorist group’s so-called capital.‘Despite lacking professional military background, he was among the best in training.’ It added that when asked at the end of his training whether he was ready to fight, he ‘firmly responded “Yes”’.He is understood to have been fatally injured when his foot patrol came under fire after one of his comrades stepped on a landmine.The men are believed to have been taking part in a patrol in ISIS's de-facto capital when they were ambushed by militants.A YPG source to The Guardian that the patrol were a few miles from the city centre when they came under heavy fire after a fighter stepped on a landmine.

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