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Older employees can participate in a formal phased retirement program where they work part-time while tapping into their retirement fund for a full-time salary.They also offer benefits like long-term insurance for spouses and babysitter benefits for grandchildren, ensuring their older workers can care for their families.The organization offers flextime, compressed work schedules, job sharing and telecommuting.Full-time employees can move to part-time work on a permanent or temporary basis.In fact, they draw on a broader array of experiences, which allows them to react more quickly and with better outcomes than their more cognitively nimble younger counterparts.However, declining mental health and changes in executive functioning are some of the most difficult challenges faced by older workers. Aside from memory loss, other warning signs include difficulty with new tasks, personality changes, inappropriate behavior at times, or becoming agitated. They see employees faltering, but they’re nervous to mention it. In instances like these, EAP employee assistance program) resources can be instrumental in helping both the company the employee.EAP consultants can work with human resources and managers to coach them and provide guidance on how to discuss symptoms with the employee in a nonjudgmental manner. An EAP consultant can help get a diagnosis and assist in tapping resources that aid the employee in getting the help he or she needs.Consultants can also ask questions that employers are afraid to ask internally. The consultant may review benefits with an employee or schedule a conference with a financial planner.

Managers should use set routines and provide clear instructions.An older cashier might switch to a customer service position, for example.The firm’s size allows workers to transfer among jobs, even changing stores if necessary, in order to keep working.For example, many people’s hearing and vision decline as they age.Tools to keep productivity high can be as simple as headsets to amplify phone conversations or larger computer monitors.

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This is the first of a four-part series looking at the dynamics of today’s workforce and how demographic shifts are impacting the workplace.

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